• Expat in Shanghai

    David Reed has been living and working in Asia for 4 years and has recently moved to Shanghai to Pioneer Oscar Winson's China Office.

  • Financial Director

    You can find out more about David Reed's Professional Experience and work at Oscar Winson at his résumé site

  • Avid Sports Fan

    David is a big Liverpool FC supporter and loves Formula 1. He loves running and playing golf. We'll share some golf courses and running routes in and around Shanghai too!

A Few Stats

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0 Years a Liverpool FC Fan

Trekking in the Himalayas

Well, what can I say…trekking in the Himalayas is a truly amazing experience. The journey starts with a night or two in Kathmandu. Those who have been to Kathmandu before will attest to its rugged charm and beauty. Thamel is a dusty, busy, congested part of the city and I loved being in the

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What Does David Reed Do When Not at Work

When he is not helping men and women, ladies and gentlemen, families and businesses establish rewarding financial goals, David Reed can be seen either at the expansive golf courses of Hong Kong and Shanghai, Climbing and trekking in the Himalayas or tasting the local cuisine. The opportunity for Golfing in Shanghai is indeed excellent. During the

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Shanghai – The Perfect Destination for a Golf Enthusiast

The international appeal of Shanghai combined with its booming economy, works extremely well to attract the best golf talent from across the world. David Reed, director at Oscar Winson, believes that Shanghai is the ideal destination for all golf enthusiasts! The city is home to several premium golf clubs that cater to the elite

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David Reed outside of work

You may know David Reed, Oscar Winson for his committed, no-nonsense approach to quality financial service delivery. Get to know David outside of work and you will see a man of many faces. There is the stern, all-seeing director. There is the earnest boss. There is the involved friend and the fun & energetic

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